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2020 decision

Posted by ChrisArmin - 1 month ago

WARNING: This question concerns my NSFW animations. Please skip it, if you're not interested!


Money is going to look bad for me in 2020 and I need to find a solution.

Without telling you what I'd choose, please participate in the poll below:


1) charge more for commissions: I'm really underselling my animations and would need to raise the base price for

them significantly (right now it's 240$ and I'd need to raise it above 300$). If done right, a loop with some minor

alterations usually takes two weeks with over 120 work hours.

Less people would be able to afford it, but you'd get what you really want to see.

2) start a patreon: I noticed that a lot of people want not only loops, but transitions and sequences.

Patreon could provide the money necessary for me to do those properly and turn them into 'scenes' or maybe even short films with sound.

I'd collect suggestions, make 4 sketches for the best ones and then let you vote on them.

Thank you for your time. I'll leave the poll up until the end of August and then add the results to this post

or in a reply.

-Chris (CASch)



Comments (8)

Well I think you can use both approaches with a wide-range patreon ranks.

Talent has to be rewarded, so I understand raising the prices.

Honestly, I think you should raise the prices of your commissions whether you start a patreon or not. Anybody who would complain about them being too expensive would just have to be told to look elsewhere. Too many artists undersell themselves and I don't think you should be one of them.

Thanks for your input. Yeah, I was thinking of raising them at least slightly.

Your basically saying that you currently work at an 2$/h rate, which is RIDICULOUSLY low, people shouldn't be mad even if you made it 5 times as high.
Maybe you should start making comisssions for lower quality loops (that maybe only take 50 hours or something along the lines) and sell it for the price of current loops and make the current quality for 480$ or something.
I personally know artist with MUCH less talent than you that have succsefully sold 180 hour works for over 1200$.
But then i don't really know how the market looks online, if there is someone else selling decent quality loops for 180$, you obviously can't go to high, but if thats the case the whole community should rethink their pricings tbh.

Thanks for your input. That's pretty much it - I could give up some quality too, but something in me just won't allow it, lol.

Even though I agree with the people here telling you that buyers should value your talent and pay for it, I think it's rather naive... Most probably by raising your prices too much you'll lose customers and maybe even make less money than now. A Patreon sounds like a solid idea, you gather a steady amount of money flow, solidify your fanbase and can still work on commissions as you do now. You may raise your prices a little too, but don't overdo it because it will bite you back, in my opinion. Of course, I don't really know who you sell your work to and that's a huge point to take into account.

It's mostly private people and raising the prices too high might be problematic - you're right. Thank you for the feedback!

I would recommend at LEAST getting a patreon set up. people might not bite at increased prices but the patreon is a bit more stable and you can do things like post works in progress.

so you only get $2 per hour when working on commissions?? Definitely raise the prices on that!
I'm sure you'd get plenty of backers on patreon too

Why not both?

hmm.. if Patreon ends up taking all of my time, commissions might turn into a thing of the past.