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current works

2017-02-17 02:06:53 by ChrisArmin

Hello there!

Sorry for not posting anything for a while, but there's good news:

I'm currently helping with ViperV Studios' 'Divine Arms'. You might have stumbled across the demo here on NG. I'll be animating all the NSFW parts and maybe also fighting sequences of this game. If you like my animation style, you might wanna check out these links below and maybe consider becoming a patron. Please note, that my animations are not yet included in the current demo of the game. Basically, instead of the animations you see now, when you encounter an enemy, mine will play with lots of loops and transitions from different angles, where you can choose what happens :3






Before I joined ViperV, I was commissioned to draw a chapter of a manga and make a transition for a collaborative short film - both of which I can't show yet, but they will be out at some point.

thank you for reading and have a nice day~



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