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Hello there!
I'm a full-time artist and animator from Austria.
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Posted by ChrisArmin - October 15th, 2020


I recently launched a Patreon with the idea of using it to make 2D animated sequences or short films.

The first project I'd like to tackle is a series of animated sequences based on the web comic 'The Goo' with the option of stringing them together to a short film.

At the beginning of the year I posted a transformation sequence and this project will follow that art style. PixieWillow recently lent it her voice and did the sound design for it, so please have another look [NSFW]: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/747701

Poster: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/chrisarmin/the-goo-animated-poster

If you like my art style please consider supporting the production of this project and hopefully many others over at:


Any of the tiers already grant access to sketches / animated sketches from 4 projects I have been working on in the background as well as sketches to all my commissions from about the last 2 years and warm-up sketches I started saving since 2 months ago. [all content mostly NSFW]

When a project is done, I'll collect suggestions from patrons and make a poll for a new one. Projects are planned to eventually be free to view for everybody.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

-Chris / Casch



Posted by ChrisArmin - July 20th, 2019

WARNING: This question concerns my NSFW animations. Please skip it, if you're not interested!


Money is going to look bad for me in 2020 and I need to find a solution.

Without telling you what I'd choose, please participate in the poll below:


1) charge more for commissions: I'm really underselling my animations and would need to raise the base price for

them significantly (right now it's 240$ and I'd need to raise it above 300$). If done right, a loop with some minor

alterations usually takes two weeks with over 120 work hours.

Less people would be able to afford it, but you'd get what you really want to see.

2) start a patreon: I noticed that a lot of people want not only loops, but transitions and sequences.

Patreon could provide the money necessary for me to do those properly and turn them into 'scenes' or maybe even short films with sound.

I'd collect suggestions, make 4 sketches for the best ones and then let you vote on them.

Thank you for your time. I'll leave the poll up until the end of August and then add the results to this post

or in a reply.

-Chris (CASch)


364 total votes

85% Patreon

15% higher commission prices

Thanks for all the votes and nice comments :3

Patreon obviously took the lead, but there's still quite some people that would like their own stuff commissioned.

I would have gone for comms - I like doing them, but it's really not a good source of income (especially for animations), so It's most likely going to be Patreon in the beginning of 2020 if nothing else comes around. Also commission prices will be slightly increased.

Thanks again and see you with an update on that next year!

7th March EDIT:

Commission prices are slightly increased. Still no Patreon, but I'm working on promotional material when I find time.

I started a twitter, for people that want more info on what I'm working on: https://twitter.com/caschcomm